Professional Crystal Reiki Practitioner

Crystal Reiki Practitioner

This course can be taken as a “Classroom based course” a  Blended learning Course or Distance learning Course 

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This course will teach you how to combine the channelling of Reiki energies with the use of Crystals to help balance and harmonise the self-healing of Reiki training coursesthe mind, body and spirit. Crystal, have been used in healing disciplines for thousands of years. This course is open to all Reiki Practitioners.

Entry level: Reiki Practitioner Diploma Model required: NO
CPD Points: 12  Course Cost £145.00

Course Contents:

A Brief History of Crystals & Crystal Healing – An Introduction to Crystal Reiki Healing

Auras & Meridians (The Subtle Body) – Chakras & the Endocrine System – Vibrational Energies

Types of Crystals and Crystal Colour – Choosing Crystals  – Cleansing Crystals

Attuning & Programming Your Crystals – Healing the Body – Emotion balancing – Strengthen Your Spirit

Crystal Reiki Grid Layouts – Crystal Reiki Meditations Recharging & Energising  – Crystals with Reiki Energy

Working With a Client – Contra actions & Contra indications – Skin Disorders

Client Consultation Form – Health & Safety Guidelines

Reiki Attunement- Fully Comprehensive Manual – Crystal Reiki  Certificate is awarded

Accreditation: The Guild – The CMA, IICT, ABT, and IPTI

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