Chakra Balancing Course

Chakra Balancing Course – Energy Therapy Course

This course can be taken as a “Classroom based course” a Blended learning Course or Distance learning Course 

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Working with the Chakras & Chakra Balancing – Energy Therapy

CPD Points 10 Course Cost £145.00

Energy therapy trainingChakra – Derived from one of the world’s oldest known languages, Sanskrit. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning “vortex or “wheel” Symbolic of a “wheel of fate”.

Through the use of Colour and Crystals this course will open up your mind to become a channel for the wonderful Universal Healing Energies.  You will learn about the healing elements of the aura and chakra centres as well as about the energy that is used to bring about balance within the mind, body and spirit thus realigning all the chakra centres. This is a truly relaxing treatment that clients love as it helps one become at peace with life’s challenges and helps release the negative blockages from within.

Course syllabus:

History of the Chakra – The Chakras – The Seven Main Chakra Points

The Eighth Chakra Point – Minor Chakra Points

Identifying Imbalances Colours & the Chakras – Crystals & the Chakras

 The Chakra Mantra – The Balancing Procedure- Client Consultation Form

 Case Studies – Safety Guidelines & After-care

Fully Comprehensive Manual – Accredited Diploma is awarded

Accreditation: The Guild, The CMA, IICT, ABT, and IPTI

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