Anatomy & Physiology Course

Anatomy & Physiology Course a TSL4Training Distance Learning Course 


If you plan to work in the field of Complementary Therapies, Natural Health, Nutrition or Sport Massage at then this Anatomy & Physiology Course is a must, as Anatomy & Physiology is fundamental to all therapies.

Why take a TSL4Training Distance Learning Course in Anatomy & Physiology?

Our Anatomy & Physiology course is an excellent distance-learning course, because anatomy and physiology requires no hands-on or face-to-face training. The course is purely theoretical but at no stage you are left unsupported. You will have unlimited contact with a tutor who is there to help and guide throughout the course, via email, at no extra cost.

This is a student led self-paced anatomy & physiology course and will cover all the bodily systems that play a major role in human anatomy. The course material is presented in a practical and comprehensive manner, in a pdf format. The focus of the course is on the need to know facts that must be understood in order to pursue a career within the alternative/complementary therapy field.

The course has easy to follow lessons that are ideal for anyone requiring a solid understanding of how the human body works. Students successfully completing this course will be awarded a Fully Accredited Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology.

The Anatomy & Physiology Course will cover the following subjects in the form of a lesson accompanied with a test paper;

The Muscular system – The Integumentary system

The Skeletal System – The Cardio-vascular system

The Digestive system – The Endocrine system

The Lymphatic system – The Respiratory System

The Reproductive system

The Nervous System – The Urinary/Excretory system

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To enrol on our Anatomy & Physiology Course

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Accredited and Approved by:

The Guild, ABT, IPTI, ICHM & The CMA – International Accredited Course

IICT- International Institute of Complementary Therapists